Why Conhive meets your demands for IoT and AI

Advantages of the Conhive IoT platform

All-in-one IoT platform as a solution to the challenges of the digital market.

For this purpose, the Conhive platform combines different software and AI tools with management components in a unique way. It can be used in a wide variety of areas, such as the care sector, the medical sector or even in the manufacturing industry for device control.

Conhive offers unique solutions for the development of new products using predictive data analytics, AI, voice assistance, and much more in your existing devices and applications.


Complete control

The Conhive Dashboard grants you full control over your devices and users from anywhere, wherever they are.

Inside the event-tracker, you can trace the full history of actions and verify your processes.

As an admin, you can monitor currently used resources and manage roles and permissions for your devices and users.

You fully control your devices, create custom commands, apps and groups or decide which metrics you want to gather. With the integrated webshell, you can remotely access your devices to perform over-the-air firmware and software updates or provide support for your customers.

Protect what’s yours

Data governance made in Germany

We take a holistic approach when it comes to data management, data quality and data security. Your data is yours! And it is our mission to ensure it stays like that.

As we are located in Germany, we abide by German data protection legislation, which are known to be one of the strictest data protection laws worldwide. Our services are ad-free and we use state-of-the-art encryption technology.

Security and stability

Total digital protection

High security standards

To provide high-end security features for your devices and data, we use various security tools and a dedicated infrastructure.

Latest technology

All our server are constantly being kept up-to-date with latest technologies and run LinuxOS which is well known for its stability, security and performance.

Data and Server Redundancy

We locate our servers geo-redundantly, with independent power supplies, and perform periodic updates and backups to prevent data loss.

Integrity and Privacy Protection

All communication channels are TLS-secured to prevent MITM-attacks.

IoT and AI synergy

Gain insights into your data and explore it intuitively using our data visualization tools.

Define your custom workflows using the Flow Engine to decide what happens with your device data.

Train custom AI models and deploy them to your devices or to your cloud.

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